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Claudine MELLOT
Pack combo

Bonjour j'ai bien reçu ma commande par conséquent le pack n'était pas composée des 5 bouteilles bleues mais de 4 et de 3 bouteilles blanches.
Je voulais en offrir mais limitée.
Merci à l'avenir de réaliser les packs convenablement.
Pour l'instant je viens de commencer donc j'attends les résultats.


My first order but I’m ordering again

Kay Byrnes
It Does All They Say It Will.....

The results I'm seeing are absolutely amazing... I'm so glad I gave it a chance to prove itself.

Feel great!!

These two products are fantastic!!..Ive had many compliments after 5 months of using how great i look, how my skin is glowing, and i know that i havent been to dentist in 7 yrs and they were very surprised how easy cleaning went. My mental clarity is up!!.ive lost more weight, stomach is solid!!Thank you ive now become a solid member to share with those who listen!

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Perla Lina Pinzón Montes
Its good the products to people proposing things creams or facial features im.from mexico much love

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HB Ria Beute
Very good

Im happy. With neumi its give me moor energie

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Lisbeth Zwerger
about the Neumi products.

I have been using your products for nearly 3 weeks. I like them but I suppose it will take some time before I see or feel drastic changes.
The bottles look good, the content smells good. We´ll see what happens…..
Greetings from Lisbeth

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Roberto Mosquera
Un producto innovador

Con una tecnologia que mejora la absorción del producto, nos llega NEUMI SKIN, excelente producto. Ha mejorado mi piel. Lo recomiendo.

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Eros Barajas Mass

Thanks. Excelent product

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Grace Aratoon
Life Changing

1) the product works!
2) delivery service was fast and efficient, goods were in perfect condition

NutriSwish Sample Pack
Janice wreggitt
Excellent choice

Helps introducing people and it’s better to start new clients with then the order is generally fast

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Trudy Jo Chernuck
Bear product


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Cynthia Stringer
Great product

I gave this some time before reviewing. I am seeing improvement in my skin and digestive issues. I have more energy and am feeling like I am on a healthier path. I will continue using the NutriSwish.


My boyfriend and I are using this and I feel like it gives me energy and for him it really has been great! Since he has started Nuemi he has noticed his hand is looking and feeling significantly better!

High Quality Product

I just started taking Neumi this month and have noticed an increase in my energy levels, also the dark spots on my face are starting to be less noticeable. I'm excited to see more results as I continue using Neumi. Thank you for a great product that actually works.

I love it.....

I have been using for a month now just got my second order and I love it
I will be a for ever customer

Jani Heavin
Thoughts about NutriSwish

My husband and I like NutriSwish so far. We’ve only been on it for 3 weeks and can report that the 3 o’clock rest time has gone away! We have energy to tackle the entire day! We are getting a better quality of nighttime rest as well. It’s a win win for both of us. Customers for life here.

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Hassan Adekunle Ogundiran

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Yannick Guadalupe Aguilar

Essential Combo Pack

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David Nwandu

I will like the quantity to be at the ratio of 3:3 + 1
3 nutriswish
3 neumi skin + with of them as the extra bottle.

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Jocelyne Parrenin

Quarterly Combo

Love it

I can’t live without neumi now. I’m in university and it’s given me so much energy and focus.

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Diana Salazar
Great product and Good service

I’ve been using the product since January and have seen significant energy boosts, clearness of mind, less pain after working out. I will definitely keep using it!