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Just started my second bottle. I think it’s too soon to make any proclamations.

Quarterly NutriSwish
Bonnie Frownfelter
Great product, easy to use!

Great product easy to take!

Very good product

I think it’s helpful,I’ll give it some more time.
I’m really impressed with the speed you send out the product

Essential Pack

I think its a great option, however, I would also like to see an equal amount of bottles of Neumi Swish and Neumi Skin as an order. If you want US to use both products equally and daily the way the offerings are now, you will always run out of one of the colors of bottles. I do not like to order all BLUE bottles one quarter, and then all WHITE bottles the next order. Get's too confusing. My customers say the same. Please add this extra option for ordering. Thank You for your products and AWESOME Customer Service.


I was using NAC and selenium and Nutriswish was recommended to me. What the person said made sense so I decided to order one bottle so I thought but I had set up AutoShip. When the second bottle arrived, I called and had the AutoShip canceled it because I hadn’t noticed any change. I was informed on how to return the product. Long story short I decided to use the second bottle I started noticing changes in my body (I’m very aware of how my body reacts to things) and I only had about a weeks left of Nutriswish, I called and had the AutoShip reinstated because I want to see if the improvements would continued. If you decide to try a Nutriswish, do so for at least three months.

Neumi Swish

Excellent product. Kicked a bad cold that was spread to me in hours...and that is no lie!!!! My whole family takes it and I tell others about it!

Too soon to tell

I have only used it for a month. Will try one more month to see if it is of value. I can get it in pill form for less.

Essential Combo Pack
Véronique Philippe

Parfait !!

Essential Combo Pack
Olayinka Uranta
Nothing changed

I didn't see any noticable difference in my skin and health. Nothing changed. Nothing improved. However, these could be because I'm committed and consistent to taking care of my skin and health as a matter of responsibility .

Like it

I know my stomach much better I do take it every day along with other supplements I’ve always had a strong immune system indigestion has been an issue but seems to be 95% better

shirley a van voorst

Liking it so far. How to get tummy lose tips??

Essential Combo Pack
Ruth Lawandi Ishaku
This is great to know that I can buy neumi in Naira

Neumi skin pray has done great wonders to my feet for I suffer foot drop for more that 5yrs till I spray and the result was fantastic 😀

Quarterly NutriSwish
Anna Carruthers
Truly grateful

Fantastic product, one for the skin and one for your overall health have found the products to be fantastic.
Both delivery and payment system were fantastic.
A very professional service and greatly appreciated product.
Many thanks.

Quarterly NutriSwish
Bonnie Lopez
Severe cough

I had covid of June of last year 2022 and I had horrible cough ever since then so it's been over a year and a few months and it was a horrible cough attacks that I had every single day that would not go away to the point that I would vomit from the strength of the coughing. My sister recommended the product I thought what can I lose it can probably help me with other things but in the process I started noticing that I was coughing less with less intensity and as of now I only get a cough attack maybe once every two weeks or every week.

I Really like this product!


There are SO many health products being offered now with amazing promises, and not without costs that are prohibitive to many. I would like to see other’s reviews as many are repeated and mostly mention the improvement in their hair. However, most people don’t realize that your hair is a big indicator of what is going on at a cellular level in your entire system. More actual relative reviews need to be seen.

I love the products but it does not make my 79 yr old face look 10 or 20 years younger

This is a great product which gives me a lot of energy. It also improves the looks of my face -- looks hydrated --BUT it does not make my 79 year old face look like I am in my 40's to 50's or even 60's . The reps or consultants need to stop posting photos of customers who look 10 or 20's years younger. It's obvious that photos are enhanced/brightened/photoshopped.

Quarterly NutriSwish
Marilyn Bell

It seems to be helping me and don't want to be without it. Please send me info about the advantages of the quarterly shipments.

Essential Combo Pack
Hermena Richardson
I like

I don’t know about the swish but the facial spray has changed the texture of my skin and more pores are nice and tight. My face has a new smoothness about it.

Neb Radojkovic
Getting younger

I feel more energy. I feel that I am moving around feeling younger, and even my face looks younger.

Christine Friedman

I haven’t noticed any difference

Kathleen Koclanes
So far so good

The thing I noticed is the hair on my legs I have to shave again! LOL! Befor no more than 3 or 4 times at the most a year! And the hairdresser said my hair was thick! Oh really! That’s it for now. Super easy to use. Tasteless, just like swishing water in my mouth. Quit expensive! Still really don’t understand how it works.

Karin Barth


Quarterly Combo
Michelle Summers
Quarterly combo

The quarterly combo is a great value.

Good stuff